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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m about to ICO, why should I work with MState?

ICOs are tougher than you think. Less than ¼ ICOs are successful (Source: CNBC) as measured by hitting fundraising targets. There is also a big rise in regulatory scrutiny. High quality ICO participants are increasingly focusing their funds on blockchain companies that are building real businesses and have proactively planned for regulatory compliance. We help founders with building a real company: customers, executive team members, advisors, channel partnerships, strategy and more.

What will It be like to work with MState?

We make life easier for founders. We help with everything that is involved in building your product into a real, fast growing company. This can include building your customer pipeline, securing advisors, strategizing on fundraising and more. We will blow through walls to get you what you need. Our team of advisors can help any tricky questions that you may have.

Do we have to move our offices?

No. We have free office space available for MState companies in San Francisco and New York, but you absolutely don’t have to move your team if you don’t want to. Our team has extensive experience working effectively remotely and internationally.

What if we’re already working with an ICO advisor?

Assuming you picked a great ICO advisory firm, they will provide you with great advice on the ICO. We help you build a real company with revenues so you can maximize the success of your ICO *and* your company’s growth trajectory once you’ve received the funds and need to fulfill all of the promises you made to ICO participants.

Should I raise an equity round before an ICO?

Yes. We strongly believe that raising an equity round (or two) before an ICO helps in a bunch of ways. First, it helps put in a place a solid governance structure, which is typical in successful companies. Second, our research shows that ICOs that have previously raised money from savvy investors tend to be more appealing to smart ICO participants.

How have you helped Blockdaemon?

Blockdaemon is a great company and we’re lucky to be working with them. We’ve helped in lots of ways and we’re just getting started. Check out the Case Study page on this web site.

How can you help me with Comcast Ventures?

Comcast ventures is the investment arm of Comcast. MState companies can expect to receive help from the Comcast Ventures team, including introductions to Comcast teams. Remember Comcast owns NBC Universal, AT&T Broadband and tons of broadcast properties including the Weather Channel, CNBC, Bravo, E! and more

Will you participate in token issuances?

Our strong preference is for equity in the companies we participate in. That said, we’re willing to be flexible on structure for the right companies.

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