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Galvanize will provide free space to host companies during the program

2 Locations (NYC & SF)

We like to be a first check into companies we invest in.

Early Stage

Available to provide industry expertise and connections to the teams

14 Enterprise Advisors

Specialists in Sales, UI, Marketing will work with the teams to ensure success

12 Blockchain Advisors

We help you with the tough projects so you grow faster

Growth Acceleration

We will qualify at least 50 customer use cases and prioritize the best ones

50 Customer Use Cases

How We Help

Full materials development

Strategic angel/fund selection

Due dlligence materials production

Pitch practice & negotiation advice


 Deep market analysis 

Competitive positioning 

Pricing definition 

Compelling story development 

Strategy & Positioning

• Requirements definition / budget

Candidate introductions

Best practices for hiring

Intros to best headhunters

Strategic advisor recruiting 

E-Team Development

• Sales plan & targeting

Pitch development 

Access to our Fortune 500 decisionmaker database 

Tactical help w outreach and sales meetings

Enterprise Sales

 Financial model development 

Hiring outside CFO help 

Pricing and billing set-up


 Story & messaging development 

Online presence upgrades

Social ”echo chamber” development

Lead pipeline development


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