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Multi-Cloud, Cross Protocol Blockchain Deployment

(Our First Mstate Company)

  • Experienced founder/CEO
  • Solving one of the biggest challenges for blockchain deployment
  • Product already built, revenue coming soon
  • Tons of customer validation
  • Lots of ways Mstate could help

Why We Invested

  • Introductions to lots of Fortune 500 customers, including several teams at Comcast
  • Building relationships at Amazon and AWS to accelerate growth
  • Helped build pipeline of investors for future fundraising
  • Support on building executive team & advisory board

How We Have Helped

  • Blockdaemon has is growing well and has big plans for 2018
  • First customers going live in the next few months
  • Huge surge in interest from top tier VCs and investors—great preparation for the ICO

Progress So Far

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